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Colts Polo & Riding!

We are a family-friendly polo & riding school at the heart of Singapore
We welcome all age groups and backgrounds, from those wishing to try polo for the first time, to those experienced riders and polo players who want to improve their riding and polo!
Our AAP-qualified polo instructors will take you through the basics of riding to playing the sport in a safe and fun atmosphere.
colts polo and riding lessons

we do

We coach new-to-sport and experienced riders of all ages to learn to ride for polo and then to play the amazing sport of polo.

As well as learning about the sport itself, we ensure our riders learn about horses, how to look after them and what happens in between the time they are not riding. Riders are taught how to make their horses perform, which includes learning about welfare, feeding and training regimes.


We love horses!
We believe horses must be well looked after for them to perform best.  A horse will give its rider as much as he or she receives in terms of care and attention.
We aim to develop all round riders and polo players, knowledgeable about horses and safe management of horses.
We aim for our young riders to become great sportsmen and sportswomen.

We are great believers in polo being a sport for the family. We love for all the family to get involved and be part of our community,learning ride and play polo together And of course, having lots of fun in the process!

colts polo and riding lessons
Colts is the first and only polo school accredited by the Argentine Polo Association outside of Argentina.  Our polo programs and instructors are aligned to the guidelines and concepts developed and promoted by the AAP for the instruction of polo.