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Colts Polo & Riding

We are a family-friendly, easy-going polo school at the heart of Singapore in Turf City.
We welcome all age groups, from those wishing to try polo for the first time, to those that have some riding experience and want to improve their riding skills, or simply come to do some leisure riding, this is the place for you!
Our proven school horses and HPA-qualified instructors will take you through the basics of riding to playing the sport in a safe and fun atmosphere.
colts polo and riding lessons

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In collaboration with Paisano Polo Academy, we coach new-to-sport and experienced riders (children and adults) for polo riding and polo as a sport.

We place great efforts in teaching our students to understand the horses they ride, what makes them be better at what they do, and what happens in between the time they are not riding.


We love horses!
We believe horses must be well looked after for them to perform best.  A horse will give its rider as much as he or she receives in terms of care and attention.  
We aim to develop all round riders and polo players, knowledgeable about horses and safe management of horses.  We aim for our young riders to become great sportsmen and sportswomen.

Do we want to have fun in the process? Absolutely!
And do we want all the family involved? Of course!
We would love to share all this with you, come along and let’s ride together!

colts polo and riding lessons
Polo Riding & Polo Lessons
We offer polo lessons to students of all experiences and ages.  Each student joining our school will be assessed by our Instructors in order to place them in the most appropriate group to their riding experience.
Polo Riding & Lessons